Hurricane Irma, Road Trip to New Mexico – Days 1 – 3

Well, hurricane season is in full force and I am forced to evacuate due to health reasons more than anything. Well besides the possible impending doom!

So, a made a quick decision to outfit my Mazda Tribute with a bed frame so I can store my belongs below and hit the road within a day of doing so!

I left Merritt Island around 2 PM Wednesday and arrived in Tallahassee around 11:30 PM, battling bumper to bumper traffic almost the entire way north. When I started west, traffic cleared up since most Floridians are headed north to Georgia.

After spending the night at a Walmart, I was able to fuel up early in morning Thursday (no fuel the night before when I arrived!) get a good headstart.

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana where I spent the night at Cotile Lake recreation area.

A beautiful spot to relax, cool temperatures, and quiet time! I am thinking of spending another day here, just to do nothing for a change!

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Born in California, raised in New Mexico. Current home base, Florida!

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